MATH 124 - Honors Calculus I

Type of Course: Lecture

Two-course sequence for strong students with interest in mathematics, computer science, physics, and other natural sciences. Physics majors usually take MATH 124 simultaneously with PHYS 120  and MATH 125  simultaneously with PHYS 121 . Previous experience with calculus is recommended but not required. The honors calculus sequence covers much the same topics from calculus as the regular sequence (MATH 120 , MATH 121 ,
MATH 122
  ), but takes two semesters instead of three, and emphasizes both mathematical rigor and physical intuition. MATH 124 and MATH 125  fulfill the formal-analysis requirement.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite for MATH 124: an appropriate score on the mathematics placement test.

Prerequisite for MATH 125: a passing grade in MATH 124

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