2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 23, 2019  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

FIN 5208 - Fixed-Income Securities

Fixed income securities are the most traded asset class in the world. A significant portion of the institutional investors’ trading portfolio consists of fixed income securities and its derivatives. Markets for these securities have skyrocketed in the past few years, and their complexity has increased considerably (a factor contributing to the subprime crisis). Hence, it is important to understand the sources of risk for these complex securities and master the latest models and techniques to price and hedge these risks. The topics covered in the course include: the basic concepts of fixed income instruments such as yield, term structure, duration and convexity, pricing of basic instruments, interest rate risk management, recent modeling techniques to value both traditional and recent derivative instruments, Mortgage Backed Securities and Credit Derivatives, Inflation, Monetary Policy.Students will also learn how to use Bloomberg Fixed Income Analytics, the most common tool used by finance professionals.


Prerequisites: FIN 5401  

Anticipated Terms Offered: Offered Annually