2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    May 21, 2018  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

IDCE 334 - Planning and Zoning for Community Developers

This master’s-level course introduces students to the field of planning and zoning for community development.  The course work focuses on the practical application of planning theory.  We will be covering issues concerned with both ‘short term’ or ‘current’ planning as well as with longer term planning, which is referred to as ‘advanced planning’. The theoretical basis for the ‘nuts and bolts’ for all planning is offered in a CDP theory course, devoted principally to—and in the context of—planning for people and places.

Utilizing governmental regulation and police powers within a contemporary theme, the class will examine land development incentives, controls and related fields:  who does what, why, and when. Special attention will be given to the needs of the planning practitioner (e.g., how to read schematic plans).  The student will be exposed to many skills necessary to join the planning and zoning profession at the entry level. And the student will have the basic background with which to relate to and communicate with the profession, whether that is from the perspective of a non-profit, a community development staff member, or a private developer.  As detailed in the syllabus below, a multitude of planning and zoning subjects will be discussed, comprehensive and sustainable planning as well as disaster planning.  The aim of the course is not to study each topic in depth, but to provide the student with a comprehensive appreciation of the professional field along functional topics and techniques.

Anticipated Terms Offered: Fall or Spring