2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 17, 2021  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENG 113 - Literature of Baseball

ENG 113 Literature of Baseball/First-Year Seminar

Baseball has often been cited as “America’s game,” in the sense that it is thoroughly interwoven into the history of American culture. Many writers, particularly in the 20th century, have seen in the game fertile ground for describing their interpretations of the American experience. It is a game which offers tremendous variety within rigidly set boundaries. In short, baseball is a metaphor to which Americans return repeatedly to express their sense of identity. It is this general theme that this course will explore: why is baseball so attractive to American writers of all types, and how do they use the game and its players as the basis for suggesting who we are? Fulfills the Verbal Expression (VE) requirement.  Offered periodically.

Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) Designation: VE

Anticipated Terms Offered: Periodically