2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 11, 2021  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog

MSDA 3950 - Independent Study

If a student wishes to pursue an independent study, they must contact their advisor before registration begins.  The advisor will work with the student to discuss and develop a substantive proposal. In some cases, the advisor may have a particular project or research need that will be assigned as an Independent Study.

The proposal will include a short synopsis of the proposed study, including assignments, bibliography and a description of the proposed deliverables at the end of the course.   The advisor approves the final version of the completed Independent Study form and attaches the proposal. In addition, a detailed syllabus must accompany the proposal.  The syllabi is developed with the advisor who will be overseeing the independent study.   The Independent Study form is forwarded to the Assistant Dean for review and final approval.  The Registrar’s Office will issue the CRN (course registration number) to the student via email.  The student is responsible for registering for the independent study online.

Proposals for independent study will only be accepted during the first week of registration.  The only exception for approving an independent study during the drop/add period, is if a student is registered in a class that has been cancelled. 

This Independent Study is in the field of Data Analytics

May be repeatable for credit.

Anticipated Terms Offered: varies