2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 21, 2018  
2012-2013 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Minor

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History Overview

The History Department offers a major, a minor and elective courses for non-majors. The program exposes students to different fields of knowledge, offering training in critical thinking; the accumulation, organization and analysis of information; and clear and concise writing. History courses provide an excellent background for graduate school, teaching, careers in law, government, journalism, international affairs, museum, library and archival work, and business. With courses on every major geographical area of the world, and with conceptual approaches ranging from political and diplomatic to social, intellectual and cultural, the History Department offers a rich and diverse curriculum.


For more information, please visit the History Department’s website.

Minor Requirements

Students who wish to obtain an undergraduate minor in history must meet the following requirements: a minimum of six history courses, at least three at the 200 level, and no more than four in any one geographical area. At least one of the six courses must be a seminar or a proseminar.

History Faculty

Program Faculty

Taner Akçam, Ph.D.
Norman Apter
Debórah Dwork, Ph.D.
Janette T. Greenwood, Ph.D.
Willem Klooster, Ph.D.
Thomas Kuehne, Ph.D.
Nina Kushner, Ph.D.
Douglas Little, Ph.D.
Olga Litvak, Ph.D.
Drew McCoy, Ph.D.
Ousmane Power-Greene, Ph.D.
Amy Richter, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

John Brown, Ph.D.
Paul Burke, Ph.D.
Richard Ford, Ph.D.
Everett Fox, Ph.D.
Thomas Massey, Ph.D.
Mark Miller, Ph.D.
Meredith Neuman, Ph.D.

Affiliate Faculty

Robert Dykstra, Ph.D.
Jack Larkin, M.A.
Alden Vaughan, Ph.D.

Emeriti Faculty

George A. Billias, Ph.D.
Daniel Borg, Ph.D.
Paul Lucas, Ph.D.

Research Faculty

Paul Ropp, Ph.D.

History Courses

Course Offerings by Geographic Area

U.S. History

European History

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