ECON 359 - Spatial Environmental Analysis

This course is one of the three Ph.D. courses in the Spatial Environmental Economics field sequence.  While space has always played some role in economics, in recent years there has been an explosion of research that incorporates a spatial dimension in environmental and natural resource economics.  The course examines spatially-based analytical models of the management of natural resources:  water, fisheries, forestry, land, and biological diversity.  It also introduces models that consider the causes and consequences of spatial variation in other environmental policies.  It studies the use of tools such as geographic information systems and spatial econometrics to improve the measurements of benefits and costs in these models for policy analysis.  Approximately one half of the course will present analytical models and policy applications and one half of the course will focus on spatial econometrics.

Prerequisites: ECON 302  and ECON 357  .

Anticipated Terms Offered: every other year

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