ECON 256 - Modeling Ecological-Economic Systems

Models are simplified representations of the real world which can be used to convey information, generate and test hypotheses, and make predictions about what will happen in the future.  This course introduces students to the art and science of simulation modeling with a focus on coupled natural-human systems.  Lectures help students learn how to translate "word problems" into integrated systems of model components using mathematical equations.  Labs provide students with hands-on experience in the design and construction of simulation models using computerized spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel).  Applications will be drawn from a range of environmental and natural resource economics issues including multiple-use forestry, fish and wildlife harvesting, and water resource management. Math 120 or equivalent recommended.

Prerequisites: ECON 010  ECON 011  ECON 160  (or equivalent required)  MATH 120   or equivalent recommended.

Anticipated Terms Offered: spring bi-annually

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