EN 251 - Global Environmental Issues: Science, Technology and Policy

Many environmental problems are not only issues for a local region or even a country, but rather are pervasive problems affecting the entire planet. Persistent pollutants, air and water pollution, habitat loss, and species extinction were recognized early on, followed by truly global scope problems such as ozone depletion and climate change. Undergirding the increased focus on global problems were complex questions about resource scarcity, population and to what came to be known as sustainable development. This course investigates these global environmental problems, first by examining and assessing the science behind several of these issues, and then by situating each in its historical and policy context. In doing so, we establish both an understanding of the science and the basic elements of each issues as well as develop a critical perspective on how each issue overlaps with questions of development, security, equity, and environmental protection.

Anticipated Terms Offered: Annually

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