2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 13, 2024  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARTH 010 - From the Stone Age to Our Age: Monuments and Masterpieces of Western Art

Type of Course: Lecture, Discussion
Begins with a reach back in time to the dawn of history 20,000 years ago when the earliest creators in the western world painted powerful images of animals on walls located in the eerie, dank depths of cave interiors. This startling act marked the beginning of communication through visual images. We will move chronologically through history, exploring the major monuments and masterpieces of painting, sculpture and architecture, and the cultures that produced them. By focusing primarily, although not exclusively, on select key monuments—the Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Pantheon—and on the masterpieces of major artists—Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir, Rothko (among others)—from prehistoric times to our own computer age, we will gain an understanding of visual culture and of the needs and aspirations that are expressed.

Cross Listed: COMM 010

Instructor: Mr. Garton, Mr. Townsend, Ms. Wilson

When Offered: Offered every semester

Faculty: John Garton, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Rhys Townsend, Ph.D. - Professor of Art History, Kristina Wilson, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Art History