2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AS 279 - Fictions of Asian America

Type of Course: Seminar
With particular emphasis on the multiple meanings of “fiction,” this seminar examines the ways in which the Asian American identity is constructed, imagined and contested in American literature and popular culture. Analyses will focus primarily on how texts and films produced within the last decade maintain or challenge established boundaries of the Asian American identity. Specific issues to be investigated include the model minority discourse and the demands of assimilation and citizenship; ethnic authenticity and hybridity; gender roles and sexual anxieties; cultural memory and nostalgia; and the commodification of Asian cultures and identities. For undergraduate English majors, this course satisfies the Period (C-3) requirement.

Cross Listed: COMM279, ENG 279 , ENG 379 

Instructor: Ms. Huang

When Offered: Offered 2009-2010

Faculty: Betsy P. Huang, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of English