2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Feb 07, 2023  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GEOG 179 - Global and Local Environmental Justice

Integrates ecology, culture and political economy from local to global scale through case studies. Starts from a view of people in environmental “hot spots,” following links to world economy and planetary ecosystems. Explores connections of international environmental, economic and social policy with everyday realities and possible futures of people from the Amazon rain forest to the streets of Worcester. Fulfills the Values Perspective (VP) requirement. Normally offered as lecture/discussion course.


We will offer hands on field research to support local solutions to pollution along the Tatnuck Brook  and specifically Coes Pond, as well as a module on local/global food connections and three international case studies of local and global resistance to environmental damage and resource depletion by indigenous peoples, peasants and community organizations from forest and agrarian landscapes to urban neighborhoods.       



Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) Designation: VP

Anticipated Terms Offered: Offered every other year