2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 19, 2022  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL 293 - Peer Learning Assistant

Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) are undergraduate students who are selected by a faculty member to facilitate teaching and learning activities.  These activities may include:  helping to prepare for or assisting in laboratory sessions, providing feedback on drafts of writing assignments, leading small group discussions, working with individual students who are having difficulty, facilitating group project work (in or out of class), and/or facilitating online discussions. It is the practice at Clark that PLAs do not grade student work.  PLAs generally work 10-15 hours per week but the precise schedule,  activities, and units earned are determined on an individual basis with the supervising faculty/staff member.  Students who receive credit for being a PLA participate in weekly meetings to review the experiences of PLAs, discuss various aspects of science education and student learning, and receive guidance on upcoming projects.  Students will provide written reflections about their experiences and goals mid-semester and a final paper based on the teaching/learning experience at the end of the semester.  This course is offered on a Pass/Fail basis.  Registration is by instructor permission only and you must choose the number of units (0.5 or 1.0). May be repeatable for credit.

Prerequisites: Registration by instructor permission only.

Anticipated Terms Offered: Fall and Spring