2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 30, 2023  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENG 2800 - Virginia Woolf

Fueled by creative genius and mental instability, the writing of Virginia Woolf was cutting edge in the 1920s and ‘30s and remains stimulating to this day. Woolf’s profound influence on modernism and on literary and social criticism make her a significant force in Western literature. Woolf’s writing was devoted to the examination of women’s place in modern society and the nature of women’s desire. Focusing on individual women’s lives, her writing investigates the complexities of personal identity, the fluidity of gender and sexuality and women’s need for artistic and intellectual expression as well as psychological and financial independence. Deeply introspective, Woolf kept extensive personal diaries, which we will study in addition to her fiction and nonfiction.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Composition.

Anticipated Terms Offered: varies