2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Oct 07, 2022  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CYES 295 - Praxis Design

The overarching purpose of the Praxis Design course is to prepare CYES students to develop their portfolios and prepare them to launch their community-based praxis project.  The praxis project is a long-term action research project in which students, deeply immersed in a community space, will engage with others to create greater social justice and document the process in a large socially just research model.  Hopefully, students enter the Praxis Design course already well-situated in a space where they want to conduct their praxis projects. If not, they will need to find their sites and become situated in the first few weeks of the course. 

The course is designed so that students will finalize their own theorizing on the three theories of understanding that guide the CYES major: 1) a critical theory of social inequality, 2) a reflexive analysis of social and cultural identity and 3) a theory of social change .  As such, they are expected to revise and finalize their earlier thinking about each theory of understanding producing final portfolio pieces for each.  Students will draw from writings created in earlier coursework to develop their final portfolio pieces.  Class time will be devoted to discussing course readings, interrogating the linkages between theory and practice, and workshopping their portfolio pieces. Students will develop and publish to their final portfolio pieces in the first half of the semester.  These larger and more general portfolio pieces will then become situated as students develop their Praxis Project Proposals, negotiate the IRB process, and get fully prepared to launch their Praxis Projects.

Prerequisites: This course is only for students who have declared the major of Community, Youth and Education Studies (CYES) and are in the junior year. 

Anticipated Terms Offered: Spring