2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 07, 2022  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SCRN 210 - Experimental Production Workshop: Glitch Aesthetics

Whether appearing in the realm of still images, sound recordings, video, or other media, Glitch Art seeks to disrupt the data behind a digital representation in such a way that its simulation of analog can no longer remain covert. Sometimes intentional and sometimes accidental, a glitch flamboyantly undoes the communications platforms that we, as subjects of digital culture, both rely on and take for granted. In this course, students will investigate, theorize, and collaboratively work to produce Glitch Art in its various evolving forms. The course will thus offer both a formal survey of the history and theory of Glitch Art (including some proto-glitch forms and movements) and a workshop for providing critique and inspiration to individual artists. Because Glitch Art typically aims to render digital files unstable-triggering a partial failure of the software that “plays back” encoded sounds and images-the nature of our artistic practice will necessarily be unruly, our output unpredictable. Disciplinary boundaries will be crossed with impunity and oftentimes entirely ignored. In this course, a musician may try her hand at glitchy photography, while a graphic designer may collaborate with a sculptor on a glitched music video. Prior experience with digital technology and software may prove useful in some students’ work, but not in others. “Glitch Aesthetics” is the fourth in a series of Creative InterMedia courses developed by faculty in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, and seeks to enroll juniors and seniors from each of the five V&PA majors: Art History, Music, Screen Studies, Studio Art, and Theater Arts. Students will be evaluated on the basis of an online portfolio of works in various media, as well as a substantial term project of the student’s own design, to be presented in a public group exhibition at end of term. Enrollment is by permission only and will be limited to 3-5 students per major; please contact the instructor prior to or during the registration period to discuss your eligibility.

Anticipated Terms Offered: Spring 2014

Placement Guidelines
This course (along with “Genre Production Workshop”) requires V&PA students to apply to the instructor for admission during the previous semester’s registration period, demonstrating through a portfolio, short interview, or transcript that they are serious and adequately prepared. Course is listed “PERM ONLY” and will be restricted to V&PA juniors and seniors.