2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 09, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BAN 4500 - Information Systems for Analytics

This course is intended to provide students with a business orientation on analytics in organizations. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the organizational context, information systems infrastructure, and management applications that drive and support the business analytics. The objectives of this course are to ensure that the students are able to identify ways to improve strategic positioning through deploying technologies and associated organizational changes; understand the technological infrastructure components such as hardware, software, cloud, database, and networking technologies; identify core business function areas and key performance metrics for analytics applications; and plan for and manage the acquisition and maintenance of the information resources.  In addition, students will also learn how to improve security, lower risks, and deal with issues such as information privacy, and ethics. The course utilize business cases analysis and hand-on exercises for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing business data, develop actionable solutions to business problems, and communicating key results to stakeholders.


Previously Titled “MIS 4500 Management Information Systems”

Anticipated Terms Offered: Varies