2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 13, 2024  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Business Administration Accelerated BA/MA Program

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The Master of Arts in Business Administration is offered through the Graduate School of Management at Clark University. The Graduate School of Management strives to develop: 1) outstanding leaders and managers of society’s enterprises; 2) through a high quality educational experience; 3) carried out in an innovative community of learning; 4) by a faculty oriented toward research and service.

Departmental eligibility requirements

The M.B.A. program is open to students from any undergraduate major. Prerequisite courses are required. Prospective M.B.A. students need to have completed ECON 010  and either MATH 113 , MATH 119  or MATH 120  with a grade of B- or higher prior to being accepted to the B.A./M.B.A. program (students can be enrolled in these courses in the semester that they are applying). If a student places higher thanMATH 120  on the math placement exam, he/she should take a higher level math course to satisfy the math prerequisite. AP credit may count towards the Math prerequisite requirement. However, Clark’s M.B.A. program has many quantitative course requirements, and students are encouraged to take at least one quantitative course during their undergraduate years to help them prepare if they have AP credit for the math prerequisite.

The Accelerated B.A./Master’s Degree Program Application: Part 1 must be completed by April 1 of the junior year and submitted to the Academic Advising Center. The Accelerated B.A./Master’s Degree Program Application: Part 2 must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School of Management by April 15 of the junior year.

Program of Study

The Accelerated B.A./M.B.A. program involves 16 graduate courses.

B.A./M.B.A. Timetable

Junior year

Apply to the Graduate School (deadline is April 1). Apply to the M.B.A. program (deadline is April 15). For nonmanagement majors it is helpful, but not required, that students should have no more than one to three classes remaining for undergraduate degree requirements (i.e. perspective courses and requirements for major/minor) at the completion of the junior year so that four-and-one-half to six units of graduate-level courses can be taken in the senior year. Management majors may be restricted in the number of graduate M.B.A. courses they can take during their senior year. Management majors should consult with the Graduate School of Management program director.

Senior year – fall (3 units)

The following courses are recommended, although individual programs of study may vary.

Additional Requirements

M.B.A. students choose a concentration, three to four units of upper-level electives are required In addition, free electives outside the concentration are required to complete a total of 5½ elective units. Concentration options include Accounting, Expanding Accounting, Finance, Global Business, General Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems. Students may also choose to do a dual concentration.

A Graduate Internship is required of all M.B.A. students who have less than three years work experience in the United States. No academic credit is awarded for the internship requirement.

Advice for prospective students

Because the M.B.A. program is highly structured, students must consider the B.A./M.A. option as early in their undergraduate careers as possible. Since there are 16 units required, students must take M.B.A. courses during their senior year. Students may choose to minor in management because certain undergraduate courses waive M.B.A. courses.

The following undergraduate courses (with a grade of B- or higher) will waive MB.A. courses:

Students should plan to take these courses prior to senior year. The number of waivers received determines how many M.B.A. units should be taken during the senior year.

Program Advisor

(Signature Required on Application: Part 1)
Laura Burgess
Graduate School of Management

Student profiles

  • Burcu Ozden completed an M.B.A. with a concentration in accounting and is now working as an audit assistant with Ernst & Young, in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Lawrence Norman completed an M.B.A. and is now Vice President of Global Basketball for Adidas International.
  • Esra Soner completed an M.B.A. and is now and international brand analyst in the Strategy & Marketing Department of Renault in Paris.

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