2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies Stream

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Undergraduate Program

The International Studies Stream is an innovative option within Clark’s Program of Liberal Studies, which offers students the opportunity to structure their broad liberal-arts education by focusing on international themes and issues.

To succeed in contemporary society, students must be familiar with the different ways common problems—such as economic growth, immigration, social welfare and environmental regulation—are dealt with across the globe. Students need to understand the historical, social and political foundations for these differences, and they need to be able to assess their own societies within an international context.

The International Studies Stream helps students understand the implications of global integration for cultural identity, economic growth, peace, security and development. Language and cultural studies provide the skills necessary for effective participation in the global economy.

This program infuses students’ educational experiences with an international perspective. Through courses, guest speakers, internships and study-abroad opportunities, the International Studies Stream provides the broad-based international experience students will need in our increasingly global society.

A flexible curriculum

The foundation of the International Studies Stream is a set of courses with an international focus and enhanced language training designed to place the experience of the United States and other countries in global context.

The curriculum incorporates the best elements of undergraduate teaching: team-taught interdisciplinary courses; small classes taught in seminar format; genuine language proficiency developed in part through study outside the United States; extension of academic activities beyond the classroom through field trips, speakers programs and other informal activities; and careful mentoring of students.

This program recognizes that success in most careers now requires international perspective and language skills. International Studies Stream curriculum can be combined with any major, and is flexible enough to address the educational needs of aspiring bankers, journalists, attorneys, physicians, grassroots organizers and many others.



In addition to the above faculty, who teach regularly in the program, other faculty members from a number of departments are active participants in the International Studies Stream, have research interests in this area, and offer courses that include a significant international component.

For more information about the International Studies Stream, contact:

Robert J.S. Ross, Director
International Studies Stream
Professor of Sociology
Clark University

Somer Jones
International Studies Stream
Program Assistant
Clark University

Program Requirements

Students in any major may participate in the International Studies Stream. The program is intended to provide focus for a student’s studies rather than to impose many additional requirements. The stream includes a broad range of courses and extracurricular activities from which students can select to create an appropriate, challenging program of study. Successful completion of the stream will be designated on students’ transcripts.

Requirements for the stream are:

Program of Liberal Studies (PLS):

All Clark undergraduates are required to complete eight PLS courses: a Verbal Expression, a Formal-analysis and six other perspectives courses.

International Studies Stream Students will automatically satisfy at least four of the eight PLS requirements by taking international focused courses. In addition to the required introductory course, Global Society, which fulfills the Global Comparative, ISS students choose three other PLS courses designated “I” for international in the following perspectives: Verbal Expression, Aesthetic, Comparative, Historical, Values or Language and Culture. The Formal Analysis and Scientific Perspectives are not part of the Stream.

Complete list of “I” designated courses .

Foreign-Language Proficiency:

Beyond the Program of Liberal Studies Language and Culture perspective requirement, ISS students must complete two additional semesters of language study or demonstrate competence equivalent to two years of language study at the college level. Clark offers courses in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Hebrew. Proficiency tests for other languages can be arranged.

Study Abroad:

U.S. students in the stream must complete at least one unit of study outside the United States. They may participate in a semester or yearlong study-abroad program, a May-term or summer course, or an internship.

Clark offers twenty-three opportunities to study-abroad. Locations include Namibia, England, Scotland, China, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Spain. Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Australia.
For additional information, see Study Abroad Programs.

International Students, whose study-abroad experience is at Clark, must complete an internship with an international agency in the United States or a research project focused on an international issue.

Please note: Participation in the International Studies Stream is not required to participate in study-abroad.

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