2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
    May 30, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Holocaust and Genocide Studies Concentration

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Undergraduate Concentration

The Holocaust and other genocides are studied to enhance our understanding of the society from which we came, the society in which we live, and the society to which we currently are giving shape. By studying the Holocaust and genocide, we learn about collusion and resistance; about the hot violence of mass murder and the cold violence of the modern, bureaucratic machinery of death; and about suffering and adaptation to suffering. We learn how societies disintegrate, step by step, and how ordinary men, women, and children both participate in and are affected by this disintegration. We learn, in short, a tremendous amount about what we need to know now to help us make the world a better place, wherever we might be.

The undergraduate concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies provides students with solid grounding in this interdisciplinary field.  Students take a series of courses in a variety of disciplines to ensure a critical and sophisticated understanding of the various facets of these atrocities. The undergraduate program of study encompasses history, sociology, political science, geography, international development, psychology and literature.

For more information, please visit the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Department’s website.


Concentration Requirements

Total of seven courses ideally from at least three different departments. The courses include a core requirement, four courses preferably from two different clusters, one elective, and a capstone seminar. It is expected that concentrators will fulfill their requirements in consultation with the HGS advisor.


1. Select one of the following two core requirements:

2. Select two of the following three clusters:

A) Holocaust, B) Forced Deportation, Mass Murder, and Genocide in the Eastern Mediterranean, and C) Human Rights, Mass Murder and Genocide.


A. Holocaust

a. Take one of the following background courses:

b. Take one of the following courses on the Holocaust:


B. The Armenian Genocide

 a. Take one of the following background courses:

b. Take the following course on Genocide in the Eastern Mediterranean:


Program Faculty

Taner Akçam, Ph.D.
Paul Burke, Ph.D.
Debórah Dwork, Ph.D.
Jody Emel, Ph.D.
Anita Häusermann Fábos, Ph.D.
Everett Fox, Ph.D.
Thomas Kuehne, Ph.D.
Olga Litvak, Ph.D.
Ken MacLean, Ph.D.
Srinivasan Sitaraman, Ph.D.
Valerie Sperling, Ph.D.
Shelly Tenenbaum, Ph.D. - Director
Robert D. Tobin, Ph.D.
Jaan Valsiner, Ph.D.
Johanna Ray Vollhardt, Ph.D.
Kristen Williams, Ph.D.



Courses offered within the last 2 Academic Year

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