2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
    May 30, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Health Concentration

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Undergraduate Concentration

Public health is inherently multidisciplinary, engaging aspects of statistics, medicine, microbiology, ecology, ethics, sociology, economics, law, politics, and others.  Public health plays essential roles in preventing disease and promoting health in all cultures, and its importance is increasing as globalization expands.  Earlier advances in public health practices have saved untold millions of lives and improved many millions more.  Public health concerns apply to local and international communities.  Major disparities among different socio-economic classes within any one society and between developed and non-developed countries present a major challenge to providing adequate public health in all societies.  Health care reform in the United States will result, among other things, in the upstreaming of society’s efforts to prevent disease and improve health and well-being.  Clark’s commitment to a LEEP curriculum offers students many opportunities to put principles learned in this concentration into practice in the campus and Worcester communities (e.g. actions taken to address smoking, obesity, fluoridation of drinking water, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, vaccinations …).  The Public Health Concentration can be taken as a complement to any major.


Concentration Requirements

Students must take a minimum of six courses to fulfill the public health concentration.

Four core courses:
  1. ID 108 - What is Public Health?  
  2. PHIL 130 - Medical Ethics  
  3. BIOL 109 - Microbiology  
  4. and a statistics course (BIOL 106  , PSYC 105   or GEOG 110  )
Two electives (1 taken from each group):

(A maximum of one of these two electives may count towards any other major, minor, or transcript designation. Non-elective courses may be double counted as required by the respective major, minor or concentration.)

Group I

Group II

Program Faculty

David Thurlow, PhD. (Program Director)
Todd Livdahl, PhD.
Patrick Derr, PhD.
Esteban Cardemil, PhD.
Deborah Merrill, PhD.
Barbara Goldoftas, PhD.
Nicole Overstreet, PhD.
Marianne Sarkis, PhD.
Rosalie Torres Stone, PhD.

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