2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

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Undergraduate Program
This exciting minor is open to all undergraduate students in any major. We welcome anyone interested in wanting the chance to explore and participate in the process of starting something new. All courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to merge their passion with an ability to identify opportunities for themselves as they plan their careers and life after Clark.

The mission of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is to provide learning experiences for students that build the knowledge, skills and abilities of an entrepreneurial mindset to launch a business or innovate within an organization. Our philosophy is to utilize research-based, action learning practices to foster empathy, creation, experimentation, play and reflection as a way to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in students. 

Courses within the program are designed to dramatically broaden awareness of opportunities after graduation, allowing students to be better prepared to take responsibility for their own professional and economic destiny. For additional information, please contact the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at (508) 421-3730 or email innovation@clarku.edu.

Minor Requirements

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor requires students to successfully complete six units of course work to satisfy the entrepreneurship minor.  In addition, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in their minor courses. It is recommended that students declare the minor by the end of their sophomore year. The minor includes two foundation courses and four additional units of entrepreneurship and/or management course work that promote further exploration and experience in entrepreneurial skill development.  The goal of the entrepreneurial curriculum offerings is to support a full range of course-based experiences for students  to strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset and skill development.


Entrepreneurial Foundations (Complete 2 Units)

Students pursuing an entrepreneurship minor must take both foundation courses.  It is recommended that students take these courses during their freshmen and/or sophomore year to prepare for the exploration and experiential courses.

Exploring Entrepreneurship (Complete 3 units)

Courses in this area are designed to offer a variety of different topics for students to explore the various aspects of the entrepreneurial process. Course selections in this area should be made in consultation with the students’ minor advisor and/or the I&E Program Director.  A combination of one unit and half-unit courses from the identified courses can be used. The courses in this section are offered on a rotating basis to promote flexibilty in course selection options.

Experiencing Entrepreneurship (Complete 1 unit)

The final requirement of the entrepreneurship minor is intentionally focused and designed for students to practice and experience entrepreneurship as part of their curricular activities.  The courses in this area of the minor challenge students to apply their learning by developing and designing business models and/or engaging them in entrepreneurial experiences focused on refining and practicing skills in on-campus or off-campus environments, depending on what option(s) a student pursues. Courses should be selected in consultation with a minor advisor and/or the I&E Program Director.  A single one unit course or a combination of two half unit courses in this section will meet the one unit requirement.

Additional Course Offerings

Additional course offerings are available but typically do not meet any of the formal requirements needed to complete an ENT minor.  The additional courses listed below can be used to meet other graduation requirements such as the first year intensive (FYI), PLS (Perspectives of Liberal Studies), earned credit hours, etc. requirements.  The I&E Program first year intensive course is designed for new, incoming students in the fall semester.  ENT 105 is an excellent opportunitiy for incoming first-year students to explore creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking while meeting two graduation requirments – earning a Values Perspective (VP) and taking an FYI course. The directed studies are meant to provide credit bearing independent study opportunities for students interested in pursuing an intensive topic within entrepreneurship with a specific I&E Program faculty member.  To take ENT 299, students must get prior approveal from the I&E Program are approved by meeting with the program director prior to the start of the semester when a student intends to enroll.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty


Amy Berry, M.A.

Ann Brady, MBA

Art Martin, M.Ed.

David Jordan, MPA, DHA

Derek Zuckerman, Ph.D.

Ili Spahiu, MSF

Maria Barluenga, M.S.

Rosemarie Boulanger, MBA

Shari Worthington, MBA

Amy Whitney, MBA (I&E Program Director)



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