2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Business Administration, BA/MBA

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Clark’s MBA program, offered through the Graduate School of Management, provides you with a firm foundation in leadership and corporate accountability. You acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to address the ever-changing issues facing modern business leaders.

We have a strong commitment to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), integrating the legal, political, ethical, social and environmental responsibilities of management into our research and teaching. Our program is designed for aspiring leaders who want to take businesses in socially responsible directions in order to make a real, lasting difference.

Departmental Eligibility Requirements

The MBA program is open to students from any undergraduate major. Prerequisite courses are required.  

For students that enrolled at Clark prior to Fall 2018:

Prospective MBA students must complete ECON 010  and either MGMT 110  ,MATH 119   or MATH 120  with a grade of B- or higher prior to the start of their senior year (students can be enrolled in these courses in the semester that they are applying or can take them in the summer before their senior year).  AP credit may count towards the Math prerequisite requirement. However, Clark’s MBA program has many quantitative course requirements, and students are encouraged to take at least one quantitative course during their undergraduate years to help them prepare if they have AP credit for the math prerequisite. 


For students that enroll at Clark in Fall 2018 or later:

Prospective MBA applicants must complete ECON 010  and one of the following courses by the end of the second semester of their junior year: MGMT 110  , MATH 119  , MATH 120  , or MATH 121  . A grade of B+ or higher must be achieved in the two prerequisite courses.

Students are required to meet with the Master of Business Administration Accelerated Degree Program adviser as a formal part of the admissions process. This meeting is intended to assist prospective students in assessing the appropriateness of the degree to their professional aspirations. The student applies to the MBA program by completing the Online Application no later than May 1 of the junior year. Please note that application deadlines differ for students who are graduating off cycle (either a semester early or late) or who have advanced standing; such students should contact Graduate Admissions for alternative dates.

Students applying to the accelerated MBA are required to complete and submit all Clark Accelerated degree application requirements (application, resume, transcript, two personal statement essays, two references). In addition to the required two personal statements, accelerated MBA applicants must also complete an informational interview and submit a reflection essay as part of their application. Information on this requirement can be found at http://www.clarku.edu/sites/default/files/informational_interview_reflection_statement.pdf.

Program of Study

The MBA program requires 15.5 graduate units. Because the MBA program is highly structured, students should consider the BA/MBA option as early in their undergraduate careers as possible. Students should plan on taking the maximum allowable 4 units of graduate coursework in their senior year. Students are also strongly encouraged to take specific undergraduate courses at Clark that will waive MBA courses. 

For students that begin their senior year in Fall 2018 or beyond:

Students will be required to take 4 graduate course units in their senior year. The following 3 graduate courses will be required:

MGMT 4050  
ACCT 4100   or ACCT 4101  
STAT 4300  

Students will also take 1 unit from the following graduate course options:

ECON 4004  /MGMT 4709  (these are two ½ unit courses)
MGMT 4302  
MIS 4500  

All MBA students choose a concentration. Concentration options include Accounting, Expanding Accounting (this concentration requires additional courses beyond the 15.5 units), Finance, Information Management and Business Analytics, Management, Marketing, and Social Change & Sustainability.

A graduate internship is required of all MBA students who have less than three years professional full time work experience prior to the completion of a student’s graduate degree. Internships completed at the undergraduate level do not meet this requirement. No academic credit is awarded for the internship requirement.

Students receive 10 units of graduate coursework in their 5th year at a free or reduced tuition rate as part of Clark’s accelerated degree program. Accelerated MBA students can do a maximum of 4 graduate units in their senior year. In order to reduce the graduate courses needed for the accelerated MBA by 1.5 additional units, students may earn two course waivers. MGMT262 Business Ethics and Law with a grade of B- or higher will give students a ½ unit of Business Law graduate elective credit. Also, the completion of a LEEP Project, Internship for Credit (for 1 unit), Honors Thesis or Directed Study (by review) will waive the 1 unit MBA Experiential Learning Requirement course. Students can be enrolled in these options during their senior year and still receive waiver credit.

For more information on the MBA program, students should visit the MBA program description page.



Students will pay a one-time program fee of $1,000 in the first semester of graduate study.  Students also pay a $40 activity fee in the fall and spring semesters of their graduate studies, as well as a one-time enrollment fee of $100. 

Students are responsible for paying for housing, food, books, health insurance, and other personal items.

Students in the Accelerated Degree Program are allowed one year of non-residency status after the fifth year presumably to complete research and the master’s thesis. Please note there is a $200 fee (per semester) associated with the non-residency status registration.


Program Advisor

Students are required to meet with the designated degree advisor and have them sign the Accelerated Degree Program Advisor Form.  The signed form confirms the student and program advisor have discussed the requirements of the program.  This form is also available on the Graduate Admissions website. 

Laura Burgess
Graduate School of Management

Any students considering applying to the Accelerated Degree Program should read and understand the Accelerated Degree Program Policies and Procedures.

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