2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Minor

Minor Requirements

A Minor in Education is not required in order to qualify for the Accelerated Masters in Teaching program. The education minor reflects Clark’s focus on urban education. It supports both students who are aiming to qualify for the Master of Arts in Teaching program and any student interested in education. 

The minor consists of any six courses in Education; a complementary course in another discipline may be included if preapproved. Otherwise, the array of courses is flexible. Students may draw from a range of Education courses, including those in the Human Services and School Psychology Sequences (see below). Occasionally, a student will set up an individual directed study or research course with an Education faculty member based on a particular interest.

Most students take EDUC 152 Complexities of Urban Schooling as their first course in Education; this course is required for anyone interested in the accelerated degree program leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

First year students who have taken a first year seminar in Education may include that course in the minor. Accelerated degree candidates will take two courses in their senior year earmarked for the accelerated degree (students aiming for the elementary teaching program may take three) that may count towards the minor as well.

Please contact the Education Program Administrator, Andrea Allen, (aallen@clarku.edu) for more information.



Special Programs:

Human Services Program

This four-course sequence is designed for students interested in pursuing a career and/or graduate study in education and the helping professions. Students will have course work and field experiences dealing with diverse groups including children, families and the aged in settings which include schools, the court system, mental-health agencies and institutions. Students will acquire skills through a balance of study and applied field work. Work in the Worcester area will serve to integrate material from the sequence. Fulfilling the requirements of these four courses constitutes completion of this sequence.

For further information, please contact Nathaniel Seale.

School Psychology Program

This three-unit sequence provides intensive first-level training for students in the junior and senior years considering advanced graduate work in school psychology and related professional fields. Students are required to complete a two-semester placement for 10 hours a week under the supervision of a school counselor, social worker or psychologist. Fulfilling the requirements of these courses constitutes completion of this sequence.

For further information, please contact Nathaniel Seale.

Sample Courses for Education Minor


EDUC 152 Complexities of Urban Schooling                                              


Human Services Sequence:

EDUC 155 Education and Social Policy                                                           
EDUC 194 Field Experience: Special Education and Human Services 1                 
EDUC 195 Field Experience: Special Education and Human Services 2                  
EDUC 269 The Skilled Helper                                                                       


School Psychology Sequence

EDUC 266 Analysis of Individual Ability and Style                                              
EDUC 268 Psychoeducational Practicum and Seminar   (Section 1, Semester 1)      
EDUC 268 Psychoeducational Practicum and Seminar   (Section 2, Semester 2)     


Optional Courses

EDUC 153 Participatory (Action) Research with Youth                                

EDUC 281 Critical Pedagogies                                                               

PSYC 248 Children with Learning Disabilities                                         



Education Faculty and Staff

Program Faculty

Kate Bielaczyc, Ph.D.
Thomas Del Prete, Ed.D.
Holly Dolan
Eric DeMeulenaere, Ph.D.
Letina Jeranyama, Ph.D.
Sarah Michaels, Ph.D.  
Carmen Ocón, Ph.D.
Jie Park, Ph.D.
Heather Roberts, Ph.D.  
Raphael Rogers, Ed.D.

Adam Teacher Fellows

Kyle Pahigian, M.A.T.
Leann Ledoux, M.A.T.

Emeriti Faculty

S. Leslie Blatt, Ph.D.
Sharon A. Griffin, Ph.D.
David S. Zern, Ph.D.

Part time Faculty

John Ameer, Ed.D.
Nathaniel C. Seale, M.Ed.


Andrea Allen, Program Adminstrator
Cindy Gabriel, Office Assistant