2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control, CERT

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Certificate in Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control Overview

The emergence of public policy by popular referendum that legalizes the sale and distribution of recreational cannabis has prompted a myriad of issues in the public policy domain.  This dramatic swing from viewing marijuana as an illegal drug to a legally regulated substance has left many in the public policy arena struggling to deal with this policy shift.  Issues such as licensing of retail shops, growing operations regulation, quality control, taxation policy, zoning restrictions etc., are proving to be complex. Public health and safety officials are trying to balance the implementation of these new laws with the public’s concern for safety.

The Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control applies the public policy framework and provides practical training to implement the rules of engagement in this young field.  This certificate requires three online public policy courses.  Each course delivers a well-rounded foundational understanding of the issues enabling students to act as change agents within their organizations and communities.  The central learning objectives of the certificate are:

  • Ground the participants in the social history of how cannabis came to be viewed as an illegal drug in the United States

  • Explore the development of cannabis’ reputation as a gateway drug

  • Investigate contemporary efforts to de-criminalize the substance and the implementation of cannabis as viable industry

  • Survey best practices nationwide in cannabis regulatory and enforcement practices

  • Examine the public health issues and concerns around cannabis 

Certificate in Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control Requirements

The certificate consists of three online graduate level courses.  Each course is one unit.  The certificate is stackable towards the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, or the MPA Senior Leadership program if the candidate meets the work experience criteria (3 to 5 years of supervisory/managerial experiance).

MPA 3111 Cannabis Education and Enforcement  

MPA 3112 Regulatory Frameworks for Cannabis Control  

MPA 3113 Health and Public Safety Implications of Cannabis Use  


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