2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
    May 30, 2024  
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2013-2014 Academic Catalog



Founded in 1887 as the first all-graduate-studies institution in the country, Clark University today is a renowned liberal-arts-based research university addressing social and human imperatives on a global scale. With our small size, capacity for interdisciplinary learning, and emphasis on effective practice, we cultivate an environment uniquely supportive of students’ interests and ambitions. Our urban location and tradition of community partnerships place Clark faculty and students in an ideal position to boldly exemplify the University’s motto, “Challenge Convention. Change Our World.” Students come to Clark with the passion to make a difference, and we honor that passion by engaging them intensely with the world in all its diversity and complexity, enabling them to become more globally aware, focused, and prepared to act.

 Located in the heart of New England—Worcester, Massachusetts—Clark enrolls approximately 2,200 undergraduate and 1,100 graduate students.

Undergraduate Studies
Clark University offers more than 30 undergraduate majors and an innovative, accelerated B.A./master’s degree program with the fifth year of study tuition-free. Nationally renowned as a college that changes lives, Clark is emerging as a transformative force in higher education today. LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), is Clark’s pioneering model of education that combines life-changing world and workplace experiences with a robust liberal arts curriculum. Through LEEP, Clark students confront complex problems, collaborate with faculty, learn directly from industry experts, and explore topics of global consequence.

Graduate Studies
Clark’s focused areas of research excellence are backed by strong Ph.D. and master’s degree programs that engage graduate students from around the world in such areas as biology, chemistry, economics, geography, psychology, urban education, management, environmental science and policy, Holocaust and genocide studies, and international development and social change – generating findings and insights that directly benefit the communities Clark serves.

College of Professional and Continuing Education
Clark’s College of Professional and Continuing Education (COPACE) provides adult learners with opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study. COPACE’s American Language and Culture Institute offers intensive ESL programs for students who want to improve their English-language skills.

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It is the policy of Clark University that each individual regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age as defined by law, disability, or veteran status, shall have equal opportunity in education, employment, or services of Clark University.
Provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and Clark University. The University reserves the right to make changes in its course offerings, degree requirements, regulations and procedures, and fees and expenses as educational and financial considerations require.