2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Nov 27, 2022  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Overview

Clark University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor, housed in the Graduate School of Management, is designed to support and complement your quest, passion, business idea, field of study, or whatever motivates you, to change your world for the betterment of self and others.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is the development of a product, service, or social cause that is new, or a bit different, while creating an income for self. At Clark University, we believe innovation is not innovation until it is implemented. Therefore, our minor is designed to guide you through the process of identification, ideation, and implementation of your entrepreneurial endeavor, whether it is starting a business, creating a community outreach program, or addressing a global cause.

A student graduating with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will have completed a custom designed roadmap of classes that enhance their entrepreneurial skills and leadership abilities to be an agent of change and an owner of a venture.  Whatever your interest, a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Clark University can help propel you into a world-changing way of life.

For additional information, please contact the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Manager Teresa Quinn at (508) 421-3730 or email innovation@clarku.edu.

Minor Requirements

The Clark University Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor requires completion of two Entrepreneurial Foundations courses, three units in Exploring (electives) Entrepreneurship, and one unit in Experiencing Entrepreneurship, for a total of six units. Learning objectives are innovative, relevant and cutting-edge, and are designed to develop applicable skills that can launch meaningful and sustainable ventures.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is designed as a roadmap to assist students with progression to start, run, and sustain a business, social cause, or venture. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor pairs well with all Clark University majors to assist students in pursuing their entrepreneurial goals in relation to their field of study.

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in their minor courses. It is recommended that students declare a minor by the end of their sophomore year.


Entrepreneurial Foundations (Complete 2 Units)

Entrepreneurial Foundations courses for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor are designed to develop a general understanding and practice of entrepreneurial ventures. Students will develop skills in business and venture idea generation, ideation, and implementation. Additionally, students interact and gain knowledge from multiple resources on campus, as well as the surrounding community, to understand how business-ownership and entrepreneurship supports positive change. Students pursuing an entrepreneurship minor must take both Entrepreneurial Foundations courses to complete the minor. 

It is recommended that students take these courses during their first year and/or sophomore year to prepare for the Exploration and Experiential courses. ENT115 Entrepreneurship: Art of the New is the prerequisite course for most Exploring Entrepreneurship elective courses.

Exploring (Electives) Entrepreneurship (Complete 3 units)

Courses in Exploring Entrepreneurship are designed to offer a variety of different topics for students to explore and continue development of their entrepreneurial venture. Course selections in this area should be made in consultation with the student’s minor advisor and/or the I&E Program Manager to ensure the progression of their particular entrepreneurial journey.  A combination of one unit and half-unit courses from the Exploring Entrepreneurship list can be used. The courses in this section are offered on a rotating basis to promote flexibility in course selection options.

Management Courses

The following courses offered through the management department can be applied as an elective credit for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor.

Experiencing Entrepreneurship (Complete 1 unit)

The final requirement of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is intentionally focused and designed for students to practice and experience entrepreneurship.  The courses in Experiencing Entrepreneurship challenge students to prepare their venture for sustainability after graduation. Your choice of Experiencing Entrepreneurship will reflect your area of interest - business, community, or global entrepreneurship. Courses should be selected in consultation with your minor advisor and/or the I&E Program Manager.  

Additional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course Offerings

Additional course offerings are available but typically do not meet any of the formal requirements needed to complete an ENT minor.  The additional courses listed below can be used to meet other graduation requirements such as the first year intensive (FYI), PLS (Perspectives of Liberal Studies), earned credit hours, etc. requirements. 

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program first year intensive course is designed for new, incoming students in the fall semester.  ENT 105 is an excellent opportunity for incoming first-year students to explore creativity, problem solving, and entrepreneurial thinking while meeting two graduation requirements – earning a Values Perspective (VP) and an FYI course.

The directed studies are meant to provide credit-bearing independent study opportunities for students interested in pursuing an intensive topic within entrepreneurship with a specific Innovation and Entrepreneurship program Manager.  To take ENT 299, students must receive prior approval from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program Manager prior to the start of the semester when a student intends to enroll.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program’s full and part-time faculty bring a wide range of entrepreneurial experience. Many professors have worked internationally with entrepreneurs to implement social change; many are authors and businessowners. All of our professors are experts in the field of entrepreneurship.




Full-time Entrepreneurship Faculty and Staff


John Dobson, D.B.A.

Priscilla Elsass, Ph.D.


Teresa Quinn, M.Ed., Program Manager



Part-Time Faculty

David Jordan, MPA, DHA

Amy Berry, M.A.

Art Martin, M.Ed.

Rosemarie Boulanger, MBA

Teresa Quinn, M.Ed., Program Manager




Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is to discover, cultivate, and propel innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors of Clark students, regardless of major or field of study. Whether the student is intrinsically motivated to solve social issues or to become financially profitable through business ownership, the Clark University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program supports and guides entrepreneurial progression of the individual, for the betterment of the collective.


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