2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 02, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Interactive Media Minor

Interactive Media Overview

The Interactive Media major includes the BSDT groundbreaking studio-based curriculum, built on an interdisciplinary model of learning; incorporating personalization and rigor a cross a framework of collaboration among students, faculty, departments, and the community. A degree in interactive media from Clark positions you to succeed in whatever focus area, exciting career, or advanced degree you wish to pursue, while providing historical context, critical analysis, and effective practice of the discipline.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Major - with tracks in areas such as Game 3D Art, Game 2D Art, Game Development and Programming, Game Audio, Time-Based Media, Game UI/UX Design, Game Production and Management, Game Writing and Design Your Own Track. - is a groundbreaking, nationally ranked interactive media program that will allow you to pursue your passion for games while preparing you for a career in the $160 billion interactive media industry.

Minor Requirements

Minor in Interactive Media

Students are required to take six units from these courses:

2 Core Classes

GAME 025 - Game Design Fundamentals  OR GAME 030 - Examining Play  AND GAME 260 - Serious Game Project  

2 instances of Game Studio GAME 255 - Game Studio  (taken Junior and/or Senior year to count for Minor)

2 GAME courses from the same Game Track, shown below:


Game 3D Art Track

GAME 095 - Digital 3D Modeling  

GAME 100 - Texturing  

GAME 185 - 3D Animation  

GAME 105 - Environment Art  

Any Game Elective **


Game 2D Art Track

GART 100 - Principles of Drawing for Games  

GART 235 - Life Drawing for Games  

GAME 085 - Raster and Vector Games  

GAME 180 - Computer Illustration for Game Design  

Any Game Elective **


Game Audio Track

MUSC 098 - Foundations of Music and Production  *

MUSC 141 - Computers and Music  *

GAME 130 - Digital Audio Production  

GAME 160 - Foley and Field Recording  or GAME 165 - Game Audio 1  

Any Game Elective **


Game Development and Programming Track

GCPT 010 - Computer Programming I  

GCPT 020 - Computer Programming C++  

GAME 190 - Game Programming with Data Structures  

GAME 265 - Artificial Intelligence for Games  

Any Game Elective **


Game Production and Management Track

MGMT 100 - The Art and Science of Management  *

MKT 230 - Marketing Management  *

GAME 210 - Agile Project Management with Scrum  

GAME 270 - Game Analytics  

Any Game Elective **


Game Writing Track

CRW 101 - Introduction to Creative Writing  *

GAME 175 - Writing for Fantasy & RPGs  

GAME 075 - Literary Development of Virtual Worlds  

GAME - Creatures and Characters

Any Game Elective **


Game UI/UX Track

GGRA 140 - Animation and Motion Graphics  

GGRA 150 - Visual Design and Media  

GGRA 170 - UI/UX Design 1  

GGRA 270 - UI/UX Design 2  

Any Game Elective **


Time-Based Media Track

GGRA 140 - Animation and Motion Graphics  

GAME 185 - 3D Animation  

GAME 275 - Character Animation  

GAME 240 - Visual Effects  

Any Game Elective **


Entries which are (*) above table are non-major courses which are part of the baccalaureate track which do not count towards the minor.

Entries which are (**) above require permission of the advisor to apply toward the minor.



Becker School of Design & Technology Faculty

Kat Andler
Ezra Cove
Nevin Flanagan
Ilir Mborja
Scott Niemi
Minka Stoyanova
Michael Swartz
Amanda Theinert, Director of the MFA in Interactive Media
Terrasa Ulm, Director of the BA in Interactive Media

Interactive Media Courses

Courses offered within the last 2 Academic Years