2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 10, 2023  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Major

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Undergraduate Program

The program is primarily designed to meet the needs and interests of English majors and minors, although the variety of courses we offer may appeal to other students as well. We assist students in developing skills in close reading, critical thinking and effective writing, and in acquiring knowledge and experience valuable to any vocation. Moreover, the program encourages the development of a sense of cultural history, sensitivity to literary values, and first-hand knowledge of important authors, works and periods of literature in English.

We advise English majors to take three historical surveys, one a yearlong sequence, early in their programs. Any student majoring only in English should also select—in consultation with his or her adviser—a suitable area of specialization drawing on courses, both inside and outside the English Department (see below).

Majors and minors should note that some courses fulfill more than one requirement. Requirements may also be fulfilled, through an arrangement with the Worcester Consortium of Higher Education, at Assumption College and the College of the Holy Cross. For those interested in studying abroad, majors and minors should contact the Office of Study Abroad Programs regarding our partner program at the University of East Anglia. In addition, the London Internship Program offers a variety of opportunities in fields such as theater and journalism.

For these and other aspects of the program, we strongly urge majors and minors to consult with their advisers.

The English Department is an active member of Clark’s Higgins School of the Humanities and encourages students to participate in the school’s events and opportunities.

Adjunct Faculty

Gino DiIorio, M.F.A.

Graduate Studies in English

SunHee Kim Gertz, Ph.D., Director

Writing Program

Jennifer Plante, M.A. - Director
Jessica Bane Robert, M.F.A.
Aimeé Sands, M.F.A.


Scholarly Research Program

Every year the American Antiquarian Society, a prestigious national research library of American culture located in Worcester, offers seminars in specialized topics in American Studies. Please consult with Professors Elliott or Neuman for more information.

Internship Opportunities

In cooperation with the University’s internship office, the English Department supports internships for juniors and seniors. Internships are available both in university offices and in venues beyond the campus—for example, newspapers, news departments of radio and television stations, periodical and book publishers, and communication departments. Please consult with the chair for further information.

Health Professions

In an effort to enhance students’ opportunities for entrance into medical, dental and veterinary schools, the Premedical and Predental Advisory Committee has a special arrangement with the English Department, allowing students to major in English while meeting the specific requirements of medical schools. If interested, please consult the chair.

Study Abroad

The English Department has a special arrangement with the University of East Anglia in England as well as with the London Internship Program. For information, please consult with the chair or Clark’s Office of Study Abroad Programs.

Writing Program

Writing courses, limited in size to ensure attention to each student, are listed as “Interdepartmental/Nondepartmental (IDND)” because the teaching of writing at Clark is considered the responsibility of the entire faculty, not of any one department. Verbal-expression courses are listed in various departments.

IDND018 Expository Writing/Workshop

Centered on student writing, this course teaches the writing process, emphasizing revision. Students write informal exercises and essays. Course required of some students. Staff/Offered every semester.

Program Requirements

Nonrequired Preparatory Courses:

Core Requirements:

A minimum grade of C is required to receive major field credit. Each designation in parentheses in the descriptions below is used in course listings every semester in order to identify what requirement a course meets. Thus, if a course does not appear in the list below (for example, a new course), you can nonetheless readily see what requirements it meets through these designations. For questions concerning requirements, please see your adviser.

A. Historical Sequences (A; 3 courses)

The three courses used to satisfy this requirement must include either the entire sequence ENG 140  and ENG 141  or the entire sequence ENG 180  and ENG 181 .


Each major must take one other course offered as a historical sequence course, as, for example, ENG 133 - Survey of Women Writers I ; ENG 134 - Survey of Women Writers II ; ENG 182 - African American Literature I ; or ENG 183 - African American Literature II  (no double-counting with courses in Category A-1 above).

B. Genre Courses (2 courses)

C. Period Requirements (2 courses)


Each major must take at least one 200-level course of literature between 1700 and 1900 (C-2), such as:


Each major must take at least one 200-level course of literature after 1900 (C-3), such as:

D.Theory or Language (1 course)

Each major must take at least one 200-level seminar in the theory or practice of criticism (D), such as:

E. Capstone Requirement (1 course)

All English majors must take the Capstone course, ENG 290 .

F. Area of Specialization

As early as possible, in combination with an adviser, an English major should select an Area of Specialization (seven courses, four of which are typically fulfilled by core courses in the major).

Students may substitute a second major, a University concentration, or a minor for the Area of Specialization as long as they demonstrate the links between the English major and the substituted area of study in the Capstone or in another appropriate course.

Descriptions of areas of specialization with lists of required and recommended courses are available from the department.

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